From my photography diary

Photo by Ib Jensen.
Olympus OMD E-M1, lens 50-200mm (FF: 100-400mm), teleconverter, shutter speed 1/500 sec, Iso 800, Aperture 4.9, Focal length 280mm with teleconverter (FF: 560mm), monopod.

A red deer stag in the sunrise or..

Have you photographed a roaring red deer stag in the sunrise?
Me neither.
I tried the other day. woke up early and drove to “Dyrehaven” north of Copenhagen. Arrived at. ca. 4.30 in the morning, almost the same time as sunrise. A nice clear morning without a cloud in the sky.
I had packed my backpack with my OMD E-M1 with my zuiko 50-200 mm (FF 100-400mm) lens, a little coffee and my monopod. In addition, I had a 1.4 teleconverter installed. So my lens was thus 70-280 mm (FF 140-560mm) and with one stop light loss.
I actually saw more red deer stags but how close I could get to them I was not fully aware. It takes some practice to find the right safety distance. So I was a little cautious. Perhaps the distance got a bit too big?
I did not come home with the dream photo, but had a nice trip and gained some experience for the next try. And yes – I got some pictures of both red deer males and red deer stags.
Ib jensen

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