My latest published photo

Foto af Ib Jensen. Olympus OMD E-M1, lens 50-200mm (FF: 100-400) + Teleconverter 1.4, shutter speed 1/250 sec, Iso 400, Aperture 4.9, Focal length 280mm. (FF:560mm), Tripod Deers at Dyrehaven in sunrise. From Wikipedia: “Dyrehaven (Danish ‘The Deer Park’), officially Jægersborg Dyrehave, is a forest park north of Copenhagen. It covers around 11 km2 (4.2 sq mi). Dyrehaven is noted for its mixture of huge, … Continue reading My latest published photo

From my photography diary

Photo by Ib Jensen. Olympus OMD E-M1, lens 50-200mm (FF: 100-400mm), teleconverter, shutter speed 1/500 sec, Iso 800, Aperture 4.9, Focal length 280mm with teleconverter (FF: 560mm), monopod. A red deer stag in the sunrise or.. Have you photographed a roaring red deer stag in the sunrise? Me neither. I tried the other day. woke up early and drove to “Dyrehaven” north of Copenhagen. Arrived … Continue reading From my photography diary