My latest released photo

Photo by Ib Jensen
Olympus OMD E-M 1 MarkII, , lens M.Zuiku 7-14mm (FF: 14-28 mm), shutter speed 1/30 sec, Iso 200, Aperture F4.0, Focal length 7 mm. (FF:14 mm), Handheld.

Inside Round Tower, Copenhagen

The Round Tower (Danish: Rundetårn), formerly Stellaburgis Hafniens, is a 17th-century tower located in central Copenhagen, Denmark, and one of the many architectural projects of Christian IV of Denmark, built as an astronomical observatory. It is most noted for its equestrian staircase, a 7.5-turn helical corridor leading to the platform at the top (at 34.8 meters above ground), and for the expansive views which it affords over Copenhagen.


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