My Gear


My thoughts on camera gear are to keep it light and simple. I want to do the most possible with the least amount to carry around.

I have used Olympus equipment since I started photographing digitally for approx. 10 years ago.

A few years ago I switched to the mirrorless OMD series and I have not regretted that.

The advantages of mirror-cameras are many, but the ones I thought best about are weight, size, and in the viewfinder you can see how the image will be before pressing the shutter. And then Olympus is at the forefront of technological development.


Olympus OMD E-M1 MARK II The OMD em1 Mark II is my main camera body. It’s the camera I use when I’m going out and shoot landscape or Cityscapes.

Olympus OMD em1 – an old body, but still going strong –  I mostly use this camara as Back up.


Olympus m43 7-14 mm (FF 14-28 mm) is my wide angle lens.
Olympus m43 12-40 mm (FF 24-80 mm). It let’s me get wide, but a decent zoom at the same time. I don’t use it so must after I bought the 12-100 mm.
Olympus m43 12-100 mm (FF 24-200 mm) Is now my Primary lens. I use it for Both landscapes and Cityscapes
Olympus Zuiko 50-200 mm (FF 100-400 mm). I use it most for my Animals portraits.

Olympus Zuiko 50 mm (FF 100 mm)macro lens. Som times I’am using it for some still life pictures.

And I have some old lenses I don’t use anymore.

ZUIKO DIGITAL 1.4x Tele Converter EC-14


Camera Bags

LOWEPRO FLIPSIDE 400 AW I can have my Benro tripod inside the bag with a camera and 2 lenses as well as various accessories. It’s great if you are going by bus or train, as the stand is inside the bag.

LOWEPRO FASTPACK BP 250 AW which I use if I need a little more space for things other than photo equipment. Especially if I have to hike long. I can attach my Benro stand on the side of the bag. I can not have so much photo equipment like my flipside bag but here comes the mirrorless sytstem in good.

Lowepro urban sling. A really good bag to go around in the city or zoo. The camera is well protected and does not dangle around the stomach. Quickly out of the bag when needed. I would not use the bag for streetphotografi.


Manfrotto 190XPRO8 is my favorite Tripod that I always use whenever I can.

Manfrotto Ballhead 486RC2

Benro A1692TS Aluminum is a smaller tripod that can be located inside my Flipside Camera Bag and therefore pretty convenient when traveling by bus or by train. I use it when I’m in Copenhagen and photograph cityscapes or if I hike a long way in the natur. Very transportable tripod.

Manfrotto L-plate

Other accessories

Polarizing filter

ND filters

Cleaning wipes

Metz 50 AF Blitz (I do not use it so often)

Trekking safari sports strap

Post processing

Photoshop og Lightroom

Onone ver. 10

Photomatix 6

Spyder 4Pro monitor Calibrator