From my Photo diary

Photo walk in Dyrehaven.

On this photo walk I had the goal of going to Mølleåen (Mølleåen is a streem who I wanted to explore and hopefully take some pictures.
Mølleåen would lie approx. 1/2 hour walk from the parking lot and I had planned it would be morning pictures – preferably in the blue hour. I drove from home at. 5.25 in the morning and arrived at. 5.45 am. The sun would rise at. 6.45 am. I brought my Olympus OMD-m1 along with my 12-100mm Pro (FF: 24-200mm) and my Olympus Pro 7-14mm (FF: 14-28mm) lenses. The 12-100mm lens is my walk around the lens and it sits on my camera approx. 80% of the time. In addition, I had my Manfrotto tripod with as well a little coffee, water and a mosquito bar.
It was a fantastic morning with clear air and a nice sunrise. As I walk, I saw some good motives that I had to photograph.
I went for more than an hour before reaching Mølleåen. The sun had risen and got some couple of motivs in the camera in the golden hour, before I went back to the parking lot where I drank a cup of coffee and enjoyed the morning air before I drove home again.
The Mølleåen exploration must wait to another time.

Ib Jensen

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