From my Photo diary

My macro lens in Copenhagen.

Should you invest in a fixed lens with a large aperture so that you can better handle handheld in the evening / night?
I thought I would first test my current lenses in the evening.
The first lens I tested was my macro lens.
I therefore drove to Copenhagen with this lens. It is the most bright lens I have and with solid aperture. The focal length is 50 mm (FF = 100mm) so it may not be the most obvious to bring to the city. Normally you connect a marcro lens with photography of insects, etc., but I would like to test it when it was dark. First, to see if the difference between aperture 2.8 and p. 2.0 was essential for photographing at night and partly to see if an investment in a bright lens was something to me. In that case it could be a 25mm (FF = 50mm) aperture 1.2m.
The macro lens delivered a satisfactory quality, but the image field of 50mm (FF = 100) might be equal enough and dragged the background too much. In addition, the background blurredness was also too much to my taste in most cases.
However, with my OMD-m1’s good image stabilization, the high aperture and thus a satisfying low ISO, I was pleased with the image quality even on relatively long closing times for handheld photography.
Next time I will try to test my 12-40mm (FF = 24-80mm) aperture 2.8 lens to see if it can deliver satisfactory results and how background blur will be on the different zoom settings. This could help make the right decision.

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