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Dyrehaven again again.

After a couple of experiments where I had equipment for photographing deer and other things in dyrehaven, I drove to Dyrehavne for just one purpose – to photograph some old trees and not deer. Therefore, I only had my Olympus OMD-M1 and my 12-100 mm (24-200 mm FF) as well as my manfrotto tripod. I drove home early in the morning so I arrived at the parking lot 1/2 hour before sunrise. I only had a short trip to go. It was a fantastic sunrise so I photographed from a little before sunrise and to approx. 1 hour after sunrise. Then I had my pictures. The deer must wait another time.

From Wikipedia:
“Dyrehaven (Danish ‘The Deer Park’), officially Jægersborg Dyrehave, is a forest park north of Copenhagen. It covers around 11 km2 (4.2 sq mi). Dyrehaven is noted for its mixture of huge, ancient oak trees and large populations of red and fallow deer. In July 2015, it was one of the three forests included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site inscribed as Par force hunting landscape in North Zealand.

All entrances to the park have a characteristic red gate; one of the most popular entrances is Klampenborg gate, close to Klampenborg station. All the entrance gates have an identical gate house attached to them, which serve as the residences of the forest wardens. Dyrehaven is maintained as a natural forest, with the emphasis on the natural development of the woods over commercial forestry. Old trees are felled only if they are a danger to the public. It has herds of about 2100 deer in total, with 300 Red Deer, 1700 Fallow Deer and 100 Sika Deer. Dyrehaven is also the venue for the Hermitage road race (Eremitageløbet) and the yearly Hubertus hunt (Hubertusjagten) which is held on the first Sunday in November. In former times it was home to the Fortunløbet race, later known as Ermelundsløbet, but this race was discontinued in 1960.”

Ib Jensen


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