On a photo trip to Copenhagen

As part of my Copenhagen Blues project who as a running project, I had planned to photograph the Christmas market at Højbro Plads. Normally when I photograph in the blue hour, I always bring a tripod, but this was not possible here. I therefore brought only my olympus OMD 1 camera and my 12-40 (equal to 24-80 in fullframe)mm lens. The lens is relatively bright and when I had planned to photograph after sunset I needed as much light as possible. The lens is aperture 2.8 which is a great help when photograph handheld in low light. It also meant that I would photograph shortly after sunset which is earlier than if I had the opportunity to use a tripod.
I used Illum’s roof terrace. It was a lovely evening almost without wind and with a sun that slowly disappeared behind the rooftops. At the same time, soft tones came from a violin-playing musician down from the stork Fountain on the street. A really good experience with some pictures in the box both of the Christmas market and elsewhere.

Ib Jensen

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