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Bolund efter sunset

One of the geological hotspots in the country of Skjoldungernes National Park is the Bolund peninsula. Here you have good opportunities to observe the fjord’s bird life year round, fish, botanize – or greet the cows. You can also discover your own story about the mysterious Bolundsten.
I live about 1/2 hour drive from Bolund. I can walk from the parking lot to the tip of Bolund and back again at approx. a little hour.
As I know the place in advance, I should not look for a place to photograph but could immediately go to Bolung and back again. A pleasure trip and I reached back shortly before sunset and photographed for 45 minutes after sunset and drove home. A lovely trip where I had to move my tripod several times because the grazing cows were very curious.


Ib Jensen

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