My latest released photo

Photo by Ib Jensen
Olympus OMD E-M 1 MarkII, , lens  M.Zuiku 12-100mm (FF: 24-200 mm), shutter speed 2 sec, Iso 200, Aperture F5,6 Focal length 35 mm. (FF:70 mm), Tripod.

Frederikskilde Forest.

The trees in Frederikskilde Forest grow right down to the water’s edge at Tystrup Lake. The forest here is particularly vulnerable and valuable, and therefore it is covered by the EU Nature Conservation Directive Natura 2000. Water from underground springs springs everywhere, and the vegetation consists mainly of redwood, which thrives well on wet feet. The woods are self-sufficient and old trees are where they have fallen. It provides good living conditions for e.g. fungi and insects. The trees can only be felled or removed if they endanger the guests of the forest.


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