My latest released photo

Photo by Ib Jensen
Olympus OMD E-M 1 , lens  M.Zuiku 12-100mm (FF: 24-200 mm), shutter speed 1/30 sec, Iso 200, Aperture F5,6 Focal length 31 mm. (FF:62 mm), Handheld.

Vallensbæk Mose in morning fog.

The scenic area, Vallensbæk Mose, is man-made nature of approx. 50 ha.The two connected lakes, Tueholm and Vallensbæk Lake make up most of the area, and the surrounding countryside offers wonderful nature activities for children and adults. Eg. the marsh has a rich bird life. Ornithologists and birdwatchers have plenty of opportunity to see fish herons, lead hens, wizards, nightingale and patchwork divers.It goes without saying that when there are fishing herons, there are also fish, and Vallensbæk Mose is a nice place for anglers. There are good opportunities to catch scallops, grayscale, rhyme, perch, pike, carousel, bream, eel, sea trout, and various carp species.

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