My latest released photo

Photo by Ib Jensen
Olympus OMD E-M1, lens  Zuiku 7-14mm (FF: 14-28 mm), shutter speed 1/2 sec, Iso 100, Aperture F8 Focal length 11 mm. (FF:22 mm), Tripod.

Gl. Faegestraede.

The Strait is one of Elsinore’s medieval connecting roads from the main street (Stengade) to the beach with the ship bridges.
Gl. Faergestraede is not quite like the other streets in the city. The unwrapped marquee lies as they did in the Middle Ages with small, knotty slopes, which means that you must automatically change your gait from fresh to gentle. On each side, the tall, yellow houses tower and keep today’s noise at bay. If a small dirty pig had been practiced in the open gutter of the straw, while pits were poured out of the crooked windows, it would naturally fall into the street picture.

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