Holiday season

Bornholm 2018.
Photo by Ib Jensen



Holiday photos.
The holiday season is too many photographers, meaning to constantly walk around the camera around the neck. For my part, it means meeting and traveling with family and friends. In that case, I concentrate on those I’m with and there is not so much photography on my own. I have a compact camera with me (Olympus tough 4). I can have that in my pocket and it can do a bit of each.
I therefore only take pictures of family, friends and what we experience together or the places we visit. The more serious photograph is therefore low priority during this period.
Last week I was with my wife, children and grandchildren to a Danish island called Bornholm. A nice trip, nice island with lots of photo opportunities, but it has to wait for another time.
Still good holiday season to all.
Ib Jensen

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