From my photography diary

Photo by Ib Jensen
Olympus OMD E-M1, lens 12-100mm (FF: 24-200mm) shutter speed 1/15 sec, Iso 6400, Aperture 8.0, Focal Length 18mm (FF: 36mm), handheld.


I have done some tests early to see where my limits are for shutter speed, high iso etc. in low light situations.
Now the trip has come to test the high iso values ​​(6400-25600) by taking a series of pictures and using photoshops to remove the noise. (First, the images are adjusted, then a smart object is created and the smart object is stacked with medium or medium). Then the noise is removed efficiently.
I brought my lens 12-100mm (FF: 24-200mm) lens to Copenhagen to test this method.
As a result, my PC was able to work at most with 10-12 images at a time. If I used more pictures, the image processing process took an unreasonable amount of time and, in some cases, my PC stopped.
I could get satisfactory pictures on iso 12800 but not every time. If I have to be on the safe side, the iso 6400 is enough maximum.
So now I know that if I’m in the evening dusk in front of the ultimate motive, I can shoot handheld with my current M43 lenses when I’m using a shutter speed of 1/15 sec, iso 6400, image stabilization and take 12 images of the subject.
In some situations, I can get a satisfactory result with a shutter speed of 1/8 sec. and iso 12800 but not every time.

Ib Jensen

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