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February 19, 2018 by Mads Peter Iversen.
There is a new youtube link on my website. The link is from the Danish photographer Mads Peter Iversen, which provides 5 great tips for improving your photography.
As Mads formulate it:
“These 5 top tips will improve your photography a great deal, but they’ll also take a long time to implement. If you don’t have the time to learn just put down your camera. There are a lot of educational photography videos out there with “fast tips”, these are the long-term goal tips on how to actually improve your photography. These are also some advanced tips for those of you who are dedicated and might want to pursue a career in photog.”
The vidio is what I would call a philosophical insight into the modern digital photography.

-The first tip is to enjoy the editing part.
-The 2nd tip is to get in touch with other photographers who can criticize your work
-Tip number 3 is to realize that Photography is a subject like any other, with a lot of theoretical information available.
-My 4th tip is to photograph with intention!
-The last tip I want to share is to get smarter and search for knowledge in other artistic fields
See the total text here on diyphotography.

Ib Jensen

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