City Photosession

landscape or Cityscapes,
I like both. A trip to nature, in the forest, etc. walking with my camera is the best therapy I know. But I also like the city’s pulse. Walking in a big city is fascinating at almost any time.
What to choose. Should you specialize? Some photographers call themselves landscape photographers, other portrait photographers, etc. but what do you call yourselves if you like different genres of photography?
My first choice is in any case is nature etc(Those I call outdoors) and so cityscapes.
For some periods, I must priority and at the moment, I prioritity the cityscapes. The days are on this season short, so the sun and hence the blue hour is my favorite time to photograph cities.
Then I leave from home in the afternoon and walk around the city and feel the atmosphere of the powdery life, before I start shooting. And i always carry my tripod.
The tripod slow down the proces so you don’t get as many motives as if you photographed handheld – but it is worth it all.

Ib Jensen


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