Aurora HDR 2018

In the last few years I have been licensed for Adobe Lightroom CC (now Lightroon CC classic) and Adobe Photoshop CC. So it’s been a couple of years since I recently bought a new image processing program. Normally when I buy a new image editor, I test this in a trial.

I had read a lot about Aurota HDR 2018 so 3 months ago I purchased the program without first testing it.

But now after spending a couple of months, I wonder if it was a waste of money.

I must admit that it was. For my HDR images, I have used Photomatix 6 so far.

Aurora HDR 2018 is a great program. It seems fine and has many good features that Photomatix does not have. The interface is more intuitive and comfortable to work with than photomatix. But I can not see the actual tapping that it performs better than Photomatix and many of the other features can be done better in Lightroom or Photshop. When it comes to dehosting and alignment the images, photomatix is much much better than Aurora.

I use both photomatix and aurora as plugins for lightroom and photoshop. Here, with aurora, I’ve experienced more crashes and as plugins to photoshop, I have not worked it at all.

So if you have Lightroom cc / Photoshop and Photomatix, there’s no need to invest in the Aurora HDR 2018.

Ib Jensen

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