Better late than never

Then they are here – autumn colors.
Last week I was on a photo trip to Hesede Forest.
This week I went back to the same forest – and I promise that autumn colors are now in place.
Hesede forest is approx. 45 minutes drive from where I live. I drove from home so I arrived at Villa Galina approx. 1/2 hour before sunrise. From home, I had chosen a route that I would walk. I had my big tripod with. I can not wear it on my backpack so I had to carry it in one hand. My olympus omd-m1 I wore in a shoulder strap. Then I could quickly set my tripod and put the camera on when I met a good subject. There were many of them. I should not walk many meters before the fall colors exploded around me.
It was good that I took this trip.

Regards Ib

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