To Sicily with a compact camera


Cefalu, Sicily

In last month I was with my wife to Sicily. wonderful trip.
In recent years, when I have been on holiday with my family, friends or my wife, I have only brought a compact camera. An Olympus Tough 4. The camera can be in a pocket and weighs not much more than a mobile phone.
When I brought this camera instead of my normal Olympus OMD-E1, it’s because the ability to take the pictures I usually like to take is outrageously small. On a group trip I usually travel with when I’m on my vacation with my wife, the program is pre-determined so that the ability to decide time and place or how long you will spend on taking your photos does not exist. It will only be a snapshot. Even though My Tough4 does not have the same settings and image / lens quality as my OMD camera, I come home with satisfied family pictures.
This is true of being present in relation to those you travel with. And it is not always if you only think in pictures and drag around with a big camera. So the compact camera is a win-win situation in these cases.
So, although Sicily is full of good photo motifs, I have to be content with my snapshots. Who knows – maybe one day I will have the Opportunity for a true photo tour to Sicily?

Ib jensen

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