My latest published Photo

Photo by Ib Jensen Olympus OMD E-M1, lens 12-100mm (FF: 24-200 mm), shutter speed 1/40 sec, Iso 100, Aperture 11.0, Focal length 16 mm. (FF:32 mm), Tripod.   Roesnaes after sunset. Roesnaes (danish: Røsnæs) or Refsnaes (Danish: Refsnæs) is a peninsula on the North West Zealand, located between Kalundborg Fjord and Sejerøbugten. The tip of the peninsula, with Røsnæs Lighthouse, Zealand’s westernmost point. South of … Continue reading My latest published Photo

From my Photography Diary

Picture by Ib Jensen Olympus OMD E-M1, Lens 12-100mm (FF: 24-200mm), shutterspeed 1/250 sec, Iso 400, Aperture f8, focal lenght 14 mm (FF 28mm), Handheld.   Morning trip to Odsherred. In Odsherred in Northwest Zealand, the landscape is a little more hilly than elsewhere in Zealand. At the same time there are many hiking routes worth visiting. I arrived at the parking lot a little … Continue reading From my Photography Diary

My latest published photo

Foto af Ib Jensen. Olympus E-30, lens 14-54 mm (FF: 28-108), shutter speed 1/250 sec, Iso 100, Aperture 5.6, Focal length 14mm. (FF:28mm). Lejre in sunrise. From Wikipedia: “Lejre was the capital of an Iron Age kingdom sometimes referred to as the “Lejre Kingdom.” According to early legends, this was ruled by kings of the Skjöldung dynasty, predecessors of the kings of medieval Denmark. Legends … Continue reading My latest published photo