My latest published Photo

Streets lights at Industriens hus. From Wikipedia: “Industriens Hus” is the home of the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI – Danish Industri). The building is located at the corner of H. C. Andersens Boulevard and Vesterbrogade, opposite the City Hall Square, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It also contains a showroom for green technologies, House of Green, as well as a series of two-storey flagship stores and … Continue reading My latest published Photo

From the Web

It happens that you discover a photographer that is a bit out of the ordinary. It is Photographer Erin Babnik who I think makes some amazing and beautiful pictures. I’ve created her link on my links page under photographers. She has also made a fantastic inspirational youtube video on B & H Event Space. I can recommend visiting her website and making a cup of … Continue reading From the Web